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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hair Style Options For an "all Natural" Woman

Today's article is about embracing your natural hair while most importantly, maintaining a healthy scalp. I chose to focus on very basic looks, keeping it simple and real so my readers can relate. I even took these pictures with my iphone. :)

When I first met this model, she told me that she sometimes wears her hair straight. The key word here is "sometimes..." i.e. she is not addicted to straight hair or hair extensions. So I went ahead and showed her different ways to style her hair where it won't damage her hairline.

The first look is in her natural state. 
For the second look I decided to blow dry her hair straight. If you wear your hair naturally curly and use a lot of hair oils, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo to remove any build up on the hair before blow drying. After a shampoo and quick towel dry, I added Kerastase Elixir Oil to help get her hair smooth and protect it from the heat. After blow drying it, I added a tiny bit of the Hamadi Healing Serum before flat ironing her hair.
The third look uses clip in extensions to give her length. Clip in extensions allow a woman to take them out and put them in whenever she feels like it. Buying the hair myself, I get to choose the right hair match and appropriate clips to get a perfect fit. This works better than buying extensions that already have clips on them. Just keep in mind, the overuse of extensions are very hard on the scalp, causing hair breakage and permanent scalp damage.
And for the fourth look, I added a fake bang, which totally changed her appearance! Again I bought the bang/fringe and blended them to match the rest of the hair.

           Below are a few tips from this model on how she styles her hair.

Antonio- What products do you use in your hair?
Alexius- I prefer TRESemme Moisture Rich shampoo to clean my hair followed by Pantene's Moisture Balance Conditioner -- I love how thick the formula is. For a deep conditioning I use Deep Moisturizing Treatment from Pantene's Curly Hair Series. After towel drying my hair, I use Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner to moisturize and maintain my curls.

What do you like about wearing your hair natural?
 I like looking in the mirror and seeing an untouched version of myself...especially after I've just washed my hair. The way my curls naturally grow from my scalp makes me smile.  Loving the raw version of myself, helps me love the uber-glam version even more because at the root, I appreciate the natural me.

Did you always wear it natural? 
No, I've been natural for about 7 years. I wore sew-in extensions in high school and had my hair straightened via perms since age 8. I had braces and acne in high school, so long hair extensions allowed me to literally hide behind my insecurities. I don't miss those hours in the salon.

What would you say to young women who have natural hair but still feel insecure in a world of weaves and extensions?
Embrace what makes you different. Having natural hair doesn't mean you are restricted to just wearing your hair natural. Wear your curls free in a 'fro, pin the sides and have a 'fro hawk, tuck and shape your hair into a bouffant a la Janelle Monae. Being natural doesn't mean you cannot utilize a wig to change up your look. Do a twist set, put on a wig cap and wear a fabulous wig while your style sets. Options are my favorite reason for being natural. You can easily get a blow out if you would like to wear your own straight hair as well.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Innovative 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Newyork

New York Fashion 2013 Week time may be coming to a close, but the styles are just warming up as we look to the most popular drop fashion.

Newyork Fashion Week 2013

Style came in all types during Mercedes-Benz New York 2013 Design Weeks time, which got under way amongst threatening varying climate circumstances last Friday, with styles and developers battling off rainfall, snowfall and sleet.

Newyork Fashion Week 2013

Fall previews cover Friday, with the rescheduled Marc Jacobs display, going large on dark and other dark shades, one of the many looks seen on the driveway over the fashion week.

Newyork Fashion Week 2013

Donna Karen's driveway was big on expand and nj discussions, while Tory Burch provided metal materials and distinctive items. Motorbike overcoats were big for developer Phillip Lim, as were large layers.

Newyork Fashion Week 2013
Models at the Alexander Wang display dressed in fur safety gloves and hoods, and Prabal Gurung presented military-themed accessories. Rebecca Tayler, meanwhile, targeted on more organized and designed styles.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tom Ford RTW 2013 Hair By Orlando Pita

Talk about fresh off the runway! Orlando Pita finished the Tom Ford show in London, flew to L.A. and just came straight to the salon from the airport. To my excitement he gave us a demo of the hair from the Tom Ford show.

As usual, it's a beauty of a hairstyle and as usual it was not easy to do. :) Orlando took long hair, sectioned it into two and tucked the hair into a smooth, clean twist on the lower neck.

Check out the below images showcasing both Mr. Ford's beautiful clothing and Orlando's amazing work.

Thanks Orlo!

Unique Fashion Style by Jean Paul Gaultier

Many clever idea conceived by fashion designer works through clothing. Not only enliven the world fashion industry, but also featuring a collection of designer clothing fashion style unique to attract many art lovers who want to look different from others. Jean Paul Gaultier creates a slightly eccentric fashion with waist-waist displays beautiful. His creation consists of fashion lingerie / bikini and fashion work. Glamor style, unique and classical into a wonderful attraction for lovers of fashion.

Black work clothes are designed by adapting the classic fashion style into modern fashion. In this fashion design, fashion style is uniquely situated on leather obi made ​​such depth English woman when dressed in his cage. Using tall rope in the back, you can determine how loose your waistline. The smaller the size of the waist, then she will be more sexy. While fashion style is made more stringent to accentuate your body shape perfectly.

Pre Fall 2013 collection of Michael Kors: Pastel Color in Modern Fashion

It seems that fashion designers compete to attract the hearts of fashion lovers. One was made by Michael Kors that follows modern fashion for pre fall 2013 collection. Pastel colors of choice for Michael to create a soft silhouette and movement of two color combinations. The collection consists of coats, work clothes and casual clothes. Broadly speaking, the theme of fashion design fashion style that was re-fashioned to modern fashion style.

Pieces of ocher fur sweater and leggings 7/8 black reminiscent of modern fashion style that is always worn by Madonna. The fashion looks relaxed and alive. Modern women look more fashionable with denim design options that take the limit to make the cuff knee pants. While the sweater with a V neckline will slightly warm up to welcome the spring a bit cold. Fashion style can be used in a casual occasion like a holiday, shopping to the mall, or other opportunities more chic. Glosy fabric chosen for the main ingredient pants really looks beautiful. Few fashion accessories: sunglasses and belts will provide the perfect touch to the look of modern fashion.

Work clothes in the ancient fashion is pants 7/8 tapered denim made smaller at the end pants. While part of the thigh is more lenient to provide air and freedom of women to move. Design high on the waist will accentuate your waist a sexy shape. And to finish the shirt was a white woman who made more modern. You will look fashionable with modern fashion style.

While the cloak is made of thick fleece fabric that provides warmth and satin fabrics that provide simplicity. All the fashion collection Michael Kors look very beautiful. You do not want to be left behind in the fashion world, obliged to choose one of your complete collection of modern fashion.

Diagonal Lines for Centerpieces Wedding Gown

 Diagonal lines can make the design look more beautiful wedding gown. Evident from some inspiration dress underneath. At the dress expands, transparency combination of two lace even look more beautiful with a diagonal line made ​​livelier: techniques smoke, floral lace, floral corsage applications and abstract arch.

Wedding gown blue sky combined with black satin fabric look more beautiful. Both fabrics are able to adapt and complement each other so as to make the design more perfect dress. Does not appear in two camps, the black and blue look with a compact silhouette make diagonal lines as borders both fabrics. Not just a line, the designer makes overlapping styles to develop greater dress patterns. As berbie dress, you will look like a princess who is happy in your wedding party.

Almost the same as the diagonal on blue wedding gown, gray dress showing a mature personality of the bride. Fashion style also looks more elegant because more shiny satin fabric. Using a combination of two different fabrics in a palette of colors, fashion designers make an impression to show the adaptation overlapping diagonal lines on the skirt. Focusing on waist smok technique is still a favorite for modern fashion design.

While other wedding gown styles more beautiful and lively. Still using a combination of two different fabrics, again preferred to separate the two diagonal lines with a soft cloth. Pale yellow color with black floral blend shifon fabric and satin wedding dress is inspired spring. Soft colors with a stunning design will make the bride really pretty. What about the wedding gown of your choice?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Modern Wedding Dresses Design Inspiration: Showing Beauty Squad

Modern wedding dresses have a special place in the hearts lover. Besides looks more simple and follow the development of fashion style design, modern wedding dresses bride refers to the desire of the bride to show body parts that are considered beautiful. One of the most frequent is the back area. Many women are more confident to show the beauty of the skin on the back by selecting the lower curved design of the dress in the back. The good news, some also cater wedding dress the bride's wishes.

Pale blue wedding dresses has a beautiful design. In addition to arch the lower back of the line, the designer also makes a unique piece that became centerpieces wedding on the back. Techniques smok made little florals with squeeze-squeeze of art on fabric. The combination of satin and tulle fabric lined shifon make the wedding dress more elegant style. While other parts are smok techniques to form a fabric flower arrangements are the focus of the dress design on the back. You do not need a long veil with this dress.

Display a simple wedding dresses is a white wedding dress with lace bolero. Design of this dress does not show the beauty of the spine as a whole. It's just showing the beauty of the dress design through design that complements the lace bolero wedding fashion. To create a boundary between the bottom and the top, the designer added a satin ribbon and make the design more lively fashion. Ribbons can be tied at the back or the front.

Inspiration wedding dresses with a low back that last one is yellow pastel colors featuring vintage and classic style in a modern fashion. Material silk wrap silk lace motif and make the design more beautiful. The designer did not add ribbon to reinforce the waist, just made wrinkle to make the part more lively. With a style make-up and modern hairstyle, fashion style wedding will be perfect. So if you feel your back beautiful, select one wedding dresses that clicks with you.

Bridesmaid Dresses Women's Fashion: Mini Dress Girly

Bridesmaid dresses is equally important as the wedding dress. Design options unique dresses, cute, girly, and chic look with the wedding theme will make the design look perfect marriage. You can take a more feminine theme with different design options or in one uniform design. To create a more enjoyable party, mini option for the fashion bridesmaid dress would be more appropriate. And this is the fashion inspiration that you need.

The combination of white dress and black leaf motif fabric paste made bridesmaid dresses look more alive. Dress design is also suitable as a complement to spring wedding theme. Made of satin-plated shifon, rigid silhouette gives a sweet touch to the style of bridesmaid fashion. Black leaf motif looks very real with seam movement is so smooth. To emphasize the beautiful waist, perfectly circular satin belt. One piece sleeve straps add to the beauty of the dress design.

If you want to maintain a bit of vintage style, choice of bridesmaid dresses long sleeve is a pretty good solution. Materials selected are semi brocade with a sense of comfort and cool on the skin. Long sleeves create a polite girl style. Flower corsage on one side of the arm makes the display more sweet. Requires no bun hairstyle, because with her hair loose, more perfect fashion style. There is no harm if adding one hair accessories to really make girly style becomes more viscous.

You need to remember, that the design of bridesmaid dresses is as important to the design of the wedding dress. Since the appearance of a uniform fashion styles and matching wedding made everyone will not forget your wedding. Another plus is to make your big day as the wedding fashion style inspiration to generations later time. So, choose the design bridesmaid dressesreally chic with your wedding theme.

Wedding Gown Inspiration: Fashion Trend 2013

No doubt that will make the wedding gown the bride fashion style looks very charming. Different from the usual appearance, dress design deliberately made more elegant. If you are the bride and want to look stunning on your wedding day, choose a dress design that fits you. Modern style, classic, vintage and even traditional, all options will make you look stunning.

You do not have to maintain a white wedding gown designs, modern era invites you to go out and brave the line showing your true self. The color red, for example, bold colors and create a fashion style sexy and sensual. Red wedding dresses design fashion style modern take on the style striples open the chest a little low. Flare skirt is very beautiful displays each layer by layer and ends on a perfect oneness. These styles are very elegant modern fashion.

While charming vintage wedding dress with pastel colors. Pink, purple, and other colors are in a soft silhouette. Dress design combined with a unique style that is taken from a woman's shirt design. So make the bride look back to the old style fashionable.

One more thing that adapt modern style and classic in a beautiful combination, ie, spring wedding dress with brown leaf motif (describe the dried leaves). A simple design inspiration has raised another value that you can pour into a bridal design. Spring is a wonderful season to take a lot of floral motifs to the wedding decorations. As if to make absolutely perfect, wedding dress spring has to look chic with a wedding theme. Sabrina neckline looks very smooth transparent switching from plain fabric to fabric motif. Even this is not like the stitching that unites the both. This is an inspiring design a beautiful wedding gown for your wedding. Options other spring dresses you can see on the image below to take the soft colors in floral motifs.