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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Braid Hair Styles Trend 2013: Unique Style

Hair is one of women's jewelry. Her hair in a style that varies is very pleasant. What if you try to braid hair styles that are currently popular. Not only braid side, rear, or even the other side, you can apply many other hair style braids to make it look more chic. It is the inspiration of the world-class hair stylist: Alexis, Chanel, Curiel, Jean Paul, Miranda, Stella and last Valentino.

Valentino creates a hair braids styles in updo hairstyle. there will be many braids that adorn your head. they are wrapped around one another to form complex patterns. However, it makes you pretty so take to new things now.

You have a lot of hair and curls, can choose a hairs tyle Stella. Large braids pulled forward and formed like a crown, hair braids styles. View that is quite unique. With natural makeup style, this look would be perfect for the character yourself up.

Inspiration from Chanel is a high bun which is decorated with hair braids styles. Such as pyramid building, bun meets your head. additional hair accessories like a small crown, haircomb and many more will make you look really cool.

Miranda gives hair braids styles more unique again. Different from the other, a modern chignon centered in the middle of the head appears surrounded by a small braid at the base of the bun. The pattern formed showing the cool beauty fashion style.

You who love the hair braids styles, apply into your hairstyle now. Good luck!

Recent Trend Hair Accessories 2013

Not just a fashion trend that the target of the fashion lovers. Trend Hair accessories occupy a special place for those who like to mix and match fashion style and design accessories used. Ranging from vintage style, fur, classic and modern, as well as fashion designers designer accessories offering beautiful work and beautiful.

Stacey Bandet classical style Greek exhibit featuring hairstyles undo the entire front hairline. temporary hair bun look adorn the back of the head. Opaque white flowers and leaves are a chic hair accessories and also perfect to display wedding dresses, party dresses and several other models with the shoulder style.

Chanel display a unique style with fur material that covers most of the face side of the model. This style also looks a bit gothic with choosing a black gown. Hair accessories display can be used to fashion trends summer / winter. Due to the unique style of design can be even when you're grieving.

Dior show hair accessories are truly unique. a mini veil that covers most of the head to the nape of the neck to the limit. Flower arrangements in black and dark headbands make your face look better impression by choosing a vintage style makeup to match. The design of these accessories can also be used for happy days where when you find your true partner.

There are still some hair accessories with unique designs from the designers of accessories: Dolce Gabbana, Giada Curti, Giambattista Valicoutura, and much more. And each of these designers create their unique style and character of a woman to be elegant and fashionable. Choose hair accessories money you would like to appear more eccentric.

Top Ten Best Dress Design Emma Stone

Actress Emma Stone has always had a distinctive appearance. Fashionable style, dress design Emma Stone is a cool fashion inspiration. Ranging from simple styles, feminine, masculine, and unique, Emma Stone have all are.

Emma chose the style you mix match fashion pieces through the gray. shifon actually soft cloth with a slit in abundance is a dress. Dress designs draw curved lines just above the breasts. However, she chose to close to make it more polite and nice girl image attached to the fashion style. With transparent materials, T-shirt color matching bolero to cover replacing both shoulders Emma. small bag with a design that is simply gorgeous cover Emma party dress that day.

You want to look more spirit can imitate the retro fashion style. Choosing a fashion trend now with bubbles in the pelvis. show a slim waist and a beautiful color for spring fashion trends, dress design she looked very chic.

emma would rather show a little cleavage is sexy. Choosing a dress with a lower dress design on the chest is the hallmark of Emma stone. Look no 'naughty', but very pretty, graceful, and spirited. What about your fashion style?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sporty style Appear Cool and Anggun: Fashion Spring / Summer

Runway spiring / summer collection featuring the sporty style that is packed with slick. Choosing quality materials: leather, shifon, cotton, etc., fashion spring / summercomes to your sporty spirit. Appear more fashionable and does not require that you use a sporty shoe.

Fashion spring / summer collection first came from Alexander Wang featuring a leather and knit into the collection. Material is applied to the knit sweater featuring large and pastel colors. While leather is applied to the silhouette jump suit with soft, light and firm. You are obsessed with cat woman, the collection of Alexander Wang to be a good solution.

Balenciaga Q fashion spring / summer show with a unique style. However, still in the same line of sporty style concept. Denim jacket made ​​of leather with striking colors. Combining with short denim pants that make you feel more comfortable and move more freely.

Marck display that looks more feminine style with a sporty theme. Short Jumpsuit and graceful style of the pinggull Marck was the highlight of the collection for fashion  spring / summer trends 2013.

Fashion Underware 2013: Funny and Unique

Fashion underwarebecome a part of the fashion world. Although rare person who glanced at it, but the women love to look for fashion design is unique and different from others. Want to show the impression of sexy and also appear more tempting in front of the couple, fashion designers create designs underware that was really fun.

Pink color of Doutzen Kroes displays a unique style. As pudle dog style, fashion design is very cute and seductive underware. The combination of lace wrapped around the arm and let the sexy look perfect, you should really look seductive for your partner, fashion underware. This could also be an option for summer clothing fashion bikini instead and wait many pairs of eyes were amazed at your fashion style.

Joan Smals displays a more elegant style. Installing a lot swaroski into the fashion design. Then take silver palette that looks very lively, fashion underware. Additional bonus scarf you can apply to the other styles of fashion cool kalaj no underware.

Hilary Rhoda came up with a pretty white fashion underware. Material sanguine look shiny. Additional swaroski centered on the chest is also a smart choice. Inspired floral design, it's really very beautiful for your evening. Select underware fashion style that you like.

Cocoon Furs new sexy video campaign

Its true..

Cocoon Furs has created a sexy video with hot boys in fur and classy rock girls wearing its creations, in a more rock chic look that captures your breath away!

Its sale time so dont hesitate to catch up with the new offers! 

Modern Fashion Trends with Leather Material

Leather has a value appeal and make a fashion look effortless cool. The fashion designer: Alexander wang, Balman, Celine, and some of them chose leather as the main ingredient of modern fashion trends. Silhouetted against a soft, leather displays a more elegant style.

National costume featuring leather into modern fashion trends. The collection is the denim shorts, which seem more refined. The black color is very tempting to disguise the pelvic area and thighs look slimmer. With a blush pink floral blouse, this collection is inspired spring fashion trend. Stylish casual and still look elegant.

Alxander wang features a collection of modern fashion trend that consists of two pieces. Skirts and shirts lady came with leather. Choose black to look more sexy and seductive. It is quite trendy clothing to add summer 2013 fashion collection.

Celline presenting a collection of material showing skin with green moss. Blouse was made a little big on the front visible patterns appear simple with elegant style. You can choose matching trousers or any other colors are more chic. Leather becomes a trendy style for the modern fashion trends.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Modern Fashion: Summer Fashion Trend In White Palette

The white color does look beautiful, clean, elegant, and feminine. Although it should be a simple fashion design, yet able to enhance the white color well. Similarly, summer  fashion trend 2013. The costume designer creates graceful and elegant in white palette.

Carla Zampatti, Easton Pearson, Bassike, Dion Lee show summer fashion trend in a variety of fashion design. Carla chose jumpsuit long and closed. Transparent white florals create fashion designs look elegant. High neckline Carla displays excellent body shape very well. You are like a mini dress, Dion Lee show with a unique lace gown designs at an angle diagonal to skirts, dresses, and neck. If you choose to get married, it seems like you need a vintage-style veil to be more chic.

While BIRD, Bec & Bridge, Watson x Watson, Christopher Esber show summer fashion trenddesign bolder. Consisting of more than one piece, the silhouette of fashion design show perfect body shape and sexy. Look for a nice long holiday season.